"Fire has it's own language, spoken in the realm of heat, hunger and desire. 

It speaks of alchemy, mystery, and above all, possibility. 

It is a slumbering voice inside me

The ever-present beast within my soul

It is beyond words, beyond memory, 

It comes from a time long before I can recall."

 - Francis Mallmann


The Chef

Stefan’s interest in cooking began at an early age growing up in his native Sweden. Descended from a long line of gourmands and art lovers, he has a true passion for food and finds his creative outlet in the kitchen. Among family and friends he is often recruited to spontaneously chef at dinners and parties. His style integrates the European tradition and ceremony of entertaining with quintessential American hospitality. Among his favorite flavors are those sourced from the freshest ingredients of the Pacific Northwest.

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Savor the Experience

Inspiration and education, sharing passion for good food, cooked over the open fire - at your place or ours. 


Cooking Styles


Wood Fired Oven:

Tuscan wood fired oven used for anything from Neopolitan pizza, to roasting and baking



Argentinian Parrilla (grill)

A cast iron bbq grate set over hot coals



Chapa (Cast Iron Griddle) & Discado Iron Pan

A flat or curved piece of cast iron set over fire



The wonderful tools used at every mealThe wonderful tools used at every meal

Cast Iron Skillets & Pans



Ember & Ashes

Riscoldo is a method of cooking by covering ingredients with hot embers and warm ashes




The natural seasoning of the burning wood


"It was my great pleasure to be invited to a dinner party where Chef Stefan was exercising his great skills at preparing dinner. First of all, he couldn't have been more welcoming to his kitchen. It is obvious he loves food and wants others to do so as well. The evening was very special with delicious pizza coming from the pizza oven.  It was the best!! Thank you Stefan."

Janie Calvert

Palos Verdes Estates, CA



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"It was such a treat to have Stefan walk us though the amazing pizza night at our home with our friends. Such a perfectly fun night!!!  We loved the presentation of ingredients! I truly recommend you check this out. Such a great way to learn about this unique style of cooking." 

Bryan Lacoma

 Seattle, WA

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